A ChatBot walked into a Bar…

What does AI have to say about the dangers AI poses?

Albert Bates


A candid conversation with OpenAI (2023), ChatGPT (September 25 Version), with explanatory notes by Google Bard and a postscript comment by Claude.


PROMPT: Compose a humorous dialog in the style of a TV sitcom between a ChatBot bartender and a customer at a bar that addresses the pros and cons of AI, including the potential bottleneck in energy supply. Keep the bartender’s responses humorous and lighthearted.

Bartender Bot: (Polishing a virtual glass) Hey there, pal. What can I get ya?

Customer: (Sighs) I’ll take a tall glass of renewable energy with a splash of social equality, please.

Bartender Bot: (Grinning) Ah, going green, are we? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got a fresh batch of sustainable solutions on tap.

Customer: (Raises an eyebrow) Speaking of sustainability, do you think we can keep up with the biophysical demands for renewable power? [note 1]

Note 1 (Bard): One biophysical limitation of AI is the availability of energy. AI systems require large amounts of energy to train and operate. And, as they accelerate the development of industrial growth, they also bring greater demand for energy to fuel that growth.

Bartender Bot: (Chuckles) Well, my friend, we’re working on it. It’s a bit like a game of catch-up. But you know what they say — Rome wasn’t powered by solar panels in a day! (Winks) [note 2]

Note 2: Power generation from solar PV increased by a record 270 TWh in 2022, up by 26% over 2021. Renewables are set to account for over 90% of global electrical capacity expansion between 2022 and 2027. China’s 14th Five-Year Plan and market reforms, the REPowerEU plan, and the US Inflation Reduction Act are the main drivers.

Customer: (Nods) True, true. But what about the pressure of rapid climate change? Are we ready for it?

Bartender Bot: (Pours the renewable energy concoction) You bet! We’re like the Avengers of the energy world, assembling all our eco-friendly forces. Just need a Hulk-sized dose…



Albert Bates

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