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  • Christophe Jospe

    Christophe Jospe

    Climate change entrepreneur and consultant. Recovering from carbon exuberance. I like to stir the pot.

  • umair haque

    umair haque


  • Greta Thunberg

    Greta Thunberg

    Climate and environmental activist with Asperger’s Born at 375ppm #ClimateStrike #FridaysForFuture #SchoolStrike4Climate #FaceTheClimateEmergency

  • Anil Dash

    Anil Dash

    CEO of @Glitch. Trying to make tech more ethical & humane. (Also an advisor to Medium.) More: http://anildash.com/

  • Emer O'Siochru

    Emer O'Siochru

  • Lessig


    law professor, activist.

  • The Shadow

    The Shadow

    Please follow our publication (https://medium.com/the-shadow) instead of the account. Managed by Editors of The Shadow.

  • Ben Callif

    Ben Callif

    Author of Organumics: An Epigenetic Re-Framing of Consciousness, Life, and Evolution.

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