Robert Gillett, Russia is indeed roguish on this too, as illustrated in their own bedside chart at the Equity Workgroup website. They have historic and capacity-based obligations needing to be met but currently neglected. Japan, on the other hand, is teetering on becoming a failed state in much the same way the Soviet Union was undone — by atomic power’s unforgiving nature when mistakes occur, as they must. I would submit that the civil war still being played out in Ukraine began with the casualties and lies of Chernobyl. While Fukushima Prefecture is no Ukraine, that ‘accident’ is still relatively young and the casualties will mount, including to the economy of Japan.

As I detail in the piece that follows this one, even economic collapse or nuclear war would not slow Earth’s pace to exceed 2 degrees of warming this century. That much is in the pipeline already. Even if Japan were to collapse as a society and its islands to be abandoned, it would not arrest the climate change demon now.

For that, we will require another Earth. We have such a one waiting in the wings, and will continue to describe it in this space.

Emergency Planetary Technician and Climate Science Wonk — using naturopathic remedies to recover the Holocene without geoengineering or ponzinomics.

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