Plastics and climate change have a lot in common with a broken Maytag.

“Paranoia? Of course not. It’s alternative scholarship. What’s wrong with teaching alternative theories in our schools? What are liberals so afraid of? … Why this dictatorial approach to learning anyway? What gives teachers the right to say what things are? Who’s to say that flat-earthers are wrong? Or that the Church was wrong to silence Galileo, with his absurd theory (actually written by his proctologist) that the earth moves around the sun. Citing ‘evidence’ is so snobbish and élitist. I think we all know what lawyers can do with evidence.”

— Eric Idle, Who Wrote Shakespeare

  • Emissions from livestock still increasing.
  • Although cement industry has made commitments to lower CO2 intensity, no signs of slower growth.
  • Rising incomes in many regions are increasing per capita consumption.
  • Little progress globally to change consumer attitudes and business practices towards waste.
  • High fertility in some countries means that although rates are slowing, population growth will continue until at least mid-century.
  • Governing conventions are disconnected from trade agreements; aviation and shipping emissions are still exempt.
  • Renewable energy has augmented energy growth, not reduced carbon dependence. Fossil fuels continue to increase in both supply and demand and are projected to continue that gradual rise through mid-century.

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