Lin Fan

Day 6 @EDE class: Look Beyond Village & Stakeholder Mapping

A VIP guest

Look beyond a village

Halfway from Dujiangyan to Huadao, I was excited to see this nice, separate bike path along freeway. Though no public transportation stops at Huadao currently, it’s only 12 minutes by bike to get to the nearest town where there is public transportation.

The power of “the grassroot”

Anja Kosha Joubert

Stakeholder mapping

  1. Strengthen your support base: work to empower stakeholders in “lowinfluential but positive” zone, so that they can move to “highly influential and positive” zone.
  2. Face your enemies head on: don’t avoid or ignore stakeholders in “highly influential but negative” zone. Your great enemies can become your best friends, just as the opposite can happen because human interaction is largely based on emotional connection. Build that connection.
  3. Distinguish your wish and reality: if we don’t see many stakeholders in “negative” zone, i.e. most in “positive” zone, is it because we tend not to think of them? Is it because we wish most stakeholders to be positive and overlook their negative tendency in reality?

People of the day

Life here

Day 7 @EDE Class: Field Trip to Huadao Ecological Community

“Enable a fulfilling life” (让生命满载而归), is the commitment to, and of, community members. (photo by Lin Fan)

Half farming, half X

People of the day

Life here

(Photo by Kosha Joubert)



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