In Superman the Movie (1978), Chris Reeves in red and blue cape and tights gets into a green screened wind tunnel and hangs by wires to simulate Superman flying around the world so fast that he reverses its spin and moves time backwards in order to save Lois Lane.

Skynet needs to send a terminator back to 1984 and take out Mark Zuckerberg’s mom before he can grow up and steal the Facebook idea.

After a short stint in the White House following his slam-dunk victory, Bannon announced his intention to become “the infrastructure, globally, for the global populist movement,” and took his brand of Big Data savvy and Big Finance backers to national populist conservative political movements around the world.

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Emergency Planetary Technician and Climate Science Wonk — using naturopathic remedies to recover the Holocene without geoengineering or ponzinomics.

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