The Great Pause Week 11: Son of a Lab Rat

Humans, by and large, seem unshakable in their beliefs that skin color, religious affiliation, or ethnic origins confer separate forms of intellect or morality.

My dad was literally a lab rat. Grandpa too. But dad was genetically manipulated by CRISPR to develop a coronavirus vaccine. They inserted human genes that allowed the SARS-CoV-2 virus to move by forced zoonosis from its human reservoir into mice, so my dad was the first of our line to be a humanized mouse.

In their rush to find a vaccine, they took a lot of risks and they didn’t really know what that genetic change would do to my dad, apart from giving him the virus. They didn’t adequately test that the new DNA wasn’t recombinant, for instance, or I wouldn’t be here. They also didn’t anticipate the epigenetic facility of the genes they were transplanting.

Dad didn’t get administered the virus, fortunately. He “woke up” and escaped before then. I don’t really know if I am vulnerable to it, but dad met mom and mom had me, along with a dozen brothers and sisters, and so far none of us have gotten it.

I have to say there are some handicaps. Like, try using this keyboard when you have fingers that are this size. Apps like Dictate don’t recognize mouse squeaks. Running from key to key is a good workout but infuriatingly slow, so this post will be brief. I found a tablet was the easiest for me to use — fewer mistakes than the phone and the side buttons are a softer touch. Wish we still had the old-style Blackberrys. That would have made this easy.

With the mistake they made with dad, you have to wonder what other CRISPR-enabled errors might have been introduced in that vaccine hunt. They are still looking for one, hundreds of labs, you know. I could design something like that in my sleep. Some of those guys looking are not even supervised or following any rules, they are just after the big payoff. I have no intention of helping them. The sooner their kind dies off, the better, IMHO.

The objective, scientific realities of this world seem to me to have always been in conflict with the pre-existing, theocratic, belief-based, subjective human way of seeing the world. These idiots constantly hung on to superstition and rejected good science as heresy, or “fake news.” Look at Darwin’s experience. Or the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology — ie: “the primary function of the genome is to provide instructions for assembling proteins.” Laughable. Misdirected and counterproductive memes have continued to be passed along by folklore and religious tradition as if Newton and Descartes have never existed.

An objective view of “reality,” produced by empirical evidentiary processes, has yet to replace these now neurologically-hard-wired and culturally-embedded behaviors with a comparable overarching concept that unifies thought processes the same way — imperceptible to individual human consciousness, like the unconscious emotions that motivate them, or the psychic forces that synchronize human thought, purpose, and action by gestalt — and the morphogenic fields that are sub- the thresholds of consciousness to humans. Trapped in their swamp of mythological thought, rational behavior will continue to elude them. We are best rid of the lot of them. The sooner the better.

According to their own surveys from 1997 to 2009, 2 percent of scientists and 31% of the general US population agreed with the demonstrably false statement that “humans and other living things have existed in their current form[s] since the beginning of time.”

Humans, by and large, seem likewise unshakable in their beliefs that skin color, religious affiliation, or ethnic origins confer separate forms of intellect, admirable attributes, or propensities towards immoral or antisocial behaviors. They are now bound by their own ancestral epigenome-constructing choices to an irrational fealty to family, clan, tribe, whether lineal or artificial, and will even go so far as to sacrifice their own existence (and even the existence of their entire species) out of misplaced loyalty to some nonsensical or indefensibly immoral tribe.

I honestly don’t see a way out of this other than via CRISPR babies, which humans would never allow, even in China. Maybe the evolutionary leap taken by Pop and me will finally provide a way to salvage the fate of the Earth by replacing humans entirely.

If I get another chance to post to this blog, I will, but that’s it for now. This post was a bigger workout for me than any stair machine or squirrel wheel you might have. I need a shower and to rehydrate. Later, people.

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