The Great Pause Week 25: Carbon Negative Beer

Watt recognized, like few others in business, that carbon neutral is not good enough. We have to go beyond zero not decades hence but now. Today.

“People often criticize us, sometimes for good reason too. All companies make mistakes, we have made many on our 13 year journey and we are always happy to hold our hands up when we get something wrong, and we have done so on many occasions.”

At the end of August, BrewDog announced that it had become the world’s first carbon-negative international beer brand. This time, it had got something right. Really right.

  • BrewDog turns its spent grain into green gas to power the brewery.
  • It is building an onsite anaerobic digester to turn wastewater into clean water and produce CO2 to carbonate beers.
  • It is electrifying its vehicle fleet.
  • In building local brewing sites across the UK, EU, US and Australia, it has significantly reduced the miles its beer travels to reach the consumer.
  • Mega Beer that replaces 20% of barley with surplus fresh bread.
  • Bad Beer Vodka using beer that would otherwise be wasted (such as beer that does not meet quality standards or is too old) to develop a zero waste vodka.
  • Overworks Sour Beers that use fruit that is cosmetically defective or near the end of its shelf life.

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