We made a big batch of biochar here this week in Tipperary with the permaculture course. It provides many functions and there is no amount you could make here that would be too much.

The peat bogs are a serious issue and the present government issued a plan in March to encourage: 1. cessation of bog drainage and peat for fuel; 2. rewatering of drained bogs and fens; 3. re-engineering former bogs to make new peat, for carbon storage. Ireland contributes an estimated 10 Mt of CO2 annually to the global commons by burning peat. It could instead be withdrawing 10 times that much! Biochar is a quicker and easier way than peat, but both should be done.

Emergency Planetary Technician and Climate Science Wonk — using naturopathic remedies to recover the Holocene without geoengineering or ponzinomics.

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